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Privacy Notice

1) The holder of data processing and interpretation
Visit the website may lead to personal information and other data processing services provided for.

2) the rights of the person
Person to person is the right profile has at any time to obtain confirmation of the presence or absence of data, to know its content and origin, verify its accuracy or request to update or correct supplement. They, in addition, to cancel, change in anonymous form or blocking of data processed illegal, and the right to oppose, in any case, for legitimate reasons, to their treatment.

3) Data processing location and use of interpretation
Web services and data processing provided on this website solely by employees or others, such as external service providers, in Italy or in any case to complete the data processing holder EU headquarters in them as data processing managers and other Bata Corporation and / or capacity maintenance activities by the responsible person may be required occasionally. No data derived from Web services to communicate or spread.

That sends a service request that all personal data provided by the user is only used to provide services and / or services required, will not be disclosed to third parties, unless the disclosure is required by law or strictly necessary to provide the required services. Offer a variety of services related to the specific objectives of processing of personal data supplied by the company are described. Indeed, for each separate offer, users will find specific information processing of personal data.

4) Data processing category together
Navigation data
With their management during normal operation of this site collection, computer systems and software programs, the transfer of personal data is a feature of Internet communication protocol implied.

Does not collect, so that the associated information are associated with a particular person. However, due to their nature, after which the information can help be processed, and by the third party, the user identification associated with the held data.

This type of data, including IP addresses and / or resources by connecting to this site, URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) ​​requests to all users of the computer name of the time these requests, the method used to submit the request to the server, the response file size, indicating that (successful execution, error, etc.) by the server as well as other parameters reply state numeric code related to system operation and user's IT environment.

These data will only be used to obtain anonymous statistics on site use information, and to assess its operations. These data can be used to establish liability in computer crime occurred on our website.

Data voluntarily provide users
Alternatively, address explicit and voluntary e-mail on this site mentioned in response to a request inevitably involves the acquisition of the sender's address, and other personal data included in the purchase, or messages (S). Specific concise brief introduction and / or to provide on-demand service in the page display site. We invite our users, their request service, or in their studies, do not send names or other personal data of third parties, unless it is absolutely necessary.

"Cookies" are small files on your computer's mass memory or registered for the website main menu allows you to store any other equipment website. Biscuit is to facilitate the analysis of Internet traffic or signal when a specific site is visited and allow Web applications to send information to individual users. Because cookies are no personal user data acquired by the site.

6) Optional communication of personal data
In addition to the information on the navigation data, the user can decide to provide personal data to request information or material sent to other types of companies requesting service provided. Non-disclosure of such personal data may include the requested service can not be obtained.

7) Data Handler
Personal data is processed, and a period of time to perform the desired service is stored in the print and electronic form. The use of special security measures to prevent data loss, illegal or unauthorized use, unauthorized access.

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